Tree and Shrub Care

img_1057 Your Trees and Shrubs  deserve loving care just like your lawn. And they are not all created equally. Each plant has its own special nutrient requirements, as well as insect and disease problems.

We take this work seriously, and are members of The International Society of Arboriculture and licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator. We know a lot about what each tree or shrub needs. And we use that knowledge to custom tailor a program of feeding, insect and disease control, and will add micronutrients if needed to correct any deficiencies.

 Services to give your trees and shrubs the attention they deserve

Deep Root Fertilization where a slow release of organic liquid fertilizer is injected into the soil in the drip line area of the tree and released throughout the entire season.

Trunk injections are perfect for larger trees with special needs, especially those in confined areas or ones too large to spray.

Spray programs are one of our specialities and because we are environmentally friendly, we use organic insect and disease spray programs to control pests such as Apple Scab  and Japanese Beetles.

Professional pruning is not just about your trees and shrubs looking good. It also is an important part of reducing disease improving vigor and correcting problems created by improper pruning.


Give your trees and shrubs the care they deserve.

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