img_1057Yards Done Right does it a little differently than other companies who often try to sell additional services that are big money makers for them and do little for your yard. We believe a beautiful lawn starts with healthy soil. Our professional lawn fertilization services start at the beginning – with a complete and thorough soil test. After your soil test is complete we can give your lawn the loving care it deserves by providing just the right balance of basic nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as micronutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and more. We offer our customers a customized, Hybrid Organic Lawn Care Program. Our 6 application lawn care program ensures that the proper products are applied. We don’t use a one-size-fits all approach. Instead we custom tailor your program based upon what the soil test has shown your lawn needs. Because we care about the environment just like you, we use top of the line organic products that include the use of biostimulants, soil nutrients, top dressing and weed/pest control applications. Let’s take a look at each element. Biostimulants are a cutting edge product we use. They are live organisms that act as probiotics for your lawn, increasing the plants’ potential to use nutrients. They also help defend your lawn from insects and diseases and reduce the amount of chemicals used to control weeds, insects and diseases. That is a good thing. Nutrients are added to your lawn including humic acid, fulvic acid and yucca, enhancing the soils nutrient-holding capacity and helping your law become more drought resistant.


Salt Eliminators are used along roadways, driveways and sidewalks to eliminate the sale left behind from winter applications of salt-based ice melters, making your yard a lot happier.

Top Dressing increases the organic matter in your soil through the use of topdressing. This is a major step in our program, usually done in conjunction with core aeration. Compost topdressing increases holding capacity of nutrients for the soil and aids in soil drought intolerance.

We know you don’t like weeds  and we don’t either. So our program includes broadleaf weed control, crabgrass preventer and yellow nutsedge control. Unlike other companies that blanket your lawn with broadleaf weed control, we protect your family’s well-being by only spot spraying weeds we see on every visit.

We care a lot about safety  so we make your lawn and landscape as safe as possible by using the safest grub control product on the market. Not only does it provide season long control of grubs, it controls some surface insect as well. Most importantly, it is safe for humans, birds and fish and is not required to have an FDA safety designation on its label. Lawn Aeration and Top Dressing

Remember we are all about providing the loving care your lawn deserves to make it healthy and beautiful. Both lawn aeration and top dressing are an important part of that program.

Lawn aeration is a process where a special machine is run over your lawn. It pulls a plug of soil about the size of your index finger. The cores are left to naturally breakdown on your lawn – a process that takes about 1-2 weeks.

Benefits of aeration include:

Reduction of soil compaction

Improvement in nutrient uptake and use

Reduction of thatch

Enhances air exchange and allows for deeper roots.

Do you have an invisible fence, shallow television cable or other buried object that might get hit during lawn aeration? We have a solution. Soiltech is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product that increase soil pore spaces by bonding soil particles together. It eliminates salts and lets bicarbonates filter through the soil to create longer roots.

Compost Topdressing – why use it. Did you know that the construction process strips valuable topsoil from our lawns? What is left behind is heavy clay soil for trying to grow lawns and plants. Which just doesn’t work well. Our specialized compost spreader applies a ¼” to ½” layer evenly across your lawn. Microbial activity is increased and your soil is built up, allowing it to use nutrient more efficiently. In most cases compost topdressing helps bring back the PH in your soil to normal levels.

Still not convinced? This is such a valuable process that golf courses do it twice a year. And we all know how great they look all season long. Give your lawn the loving care it deserves.

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Highly educated and very professional, if you want the yard your neighbors will envy,call Yards Done Right

Dan Polcyn

Hey Jim,
Just wanted to write and say thanks for the service this year. Above and beyond expectations. The lawn looks so great this fall (and entire season) compared to last fall when I contacted you.