Lawn Aeration and Top Dressing

 Lawn aeration is a process where a special machine is run over your lawn.  It pulls a plug of soil about the size of your index finger.  The cores are left to naturally breakdown on your lawn – a process that takes about 1-2 weeks.

 Benefits of aeration include:

• Reduction of soil compaction

• Improvement in nutrient uptake and use

• Reduction of thatch
• Enhances air exchange and allows for deeper roots

Do you have an invisible fence, shallow television cable or other buried object that might get hit during lawn aeration?  We have a solution.  Air-8 is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product that increase soil pore spaces by binding soil particles together.  It eliminates salts and lets bicarbonates filter through the soil to create longer roots.  


Compost Topdressing – why use it.

Did you know that the construction process strips valuable topsoil from our lawns?   What is left behind is heavy clay soil for trying to grow lawns and plants.  Which just doesn’t work well.  Our specialized compost spreader applies a ¼” to ½” layer evenly across your lawn.  Microbial activity is increased and your soil is built up, allowing it to use nutrient more efficiently.  In most cases compost topdressing helps bring back the PH in your soil to normal levels.

Still not convinced?  This is such a valuable process that golf courses do it twice a year.  And we all know how great they look all season long.  

Give your lawn the loving care it deserves.  Call us at 440-871-8177 to schedule a free analysis.