Bio Green


We are excited.  As an authorized applicator of Bio Green Fertilizer for lawns and landscapes we give our customers the best fertilizer available.

What is Bio Green?  It is a natural, carbon-based, complete nutrient liquid fertilizer.  It contains, or makes available through a natural process, the macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients essential for plant growth and health.  This unique and complete formula ensures that your lawn and landscape get all that is needed to thrive all year long.  

What results does your lawn receive?

  • Regular feeding to improve the natural balance, water holding capacity and fertility of the soil.
  • Thick and deep root development to improve overall plant health, drought tolerance and plant nutrient uptake.
  • Regular feeding for the turf grass of your lawn to create a thick and healthy canopy of top growth.
  • Shrub care customers receive regular feeding for your landscape plants, trees and shrubs to preserve their health and beauty.
  • A stimulus for natural plant processes such as photosynthesis, which is a source of color in the foliage of plants.
  • Assurance that the result of fertilization with the pest control at your property is minimal non point source pollution.