Why Organic?

When I try to explain my reason for using organic products I often think people get lost in the terminology or get bored with the gory details of organics.
Outside of the obvious reason that organics are good for the environment they also have a host of unseen benefits to your soil.
Replenishing valuable carbon.
Carbon has been disappearing from our soils at a pretty astounding rate over the years.
Not just from erosion, although that is a large cause. But from the release of carbon dioxide from soil  into the atmosphere.
Every day plants breathe and create oxygen and a small amount of carbon dioxide is released as well. Microbes in the soil also create carbon dioxide.
Some of the biggest offenders are humans.
Every time we till our gardens, dig a planting hole, aerate our lawns or in general disturb mother earth we are mixing carbon (soil) with oxygen and creating a release of carbon dioxide. All these processes together have been accountable for the loss of millions of tons of valuable rich carbon laden topsoil over the last decade just in Ohio alone.
Many years ago we started programs where we are adding back carbon rich organic materials like leaf humus, mushroom compost, poultry litter and bio solids to our soils as well as our customers soils via mulching beds, and topdressing lawns.
I have to admit we have seen some pretty amazing results with this program.
Anything from bountiful healthy crops to stunningly green drought tolerant lawns.
Keep in mind people will call just about anything an “organic soil amendment”.
Make sure it is black in color, has a fine loose texture, breaks apart easily, and has an earthy smell to it.
Leaf Humus waiting to go in the garden


Compost lawn topdressing waiting to be applied




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