Can I Do my own lawncare? Or should I hire a professional?


Whether you just bought a home or have owned one for any length of time you may fit into one of a couple categories. The savvy do it yourselfer, or someone who values their free time and looks to others to solve home maintenance and repair issues for them.
Whichever category you fall into you should consider hiring a professional to apply your lawn care products for the following reasons.
Timing:  Most Lawn products have specific application periods for which they are most
A few examples would be Crabgrass pre emergent and Grub preventor. I often hear complaints from homeowners when we take over for them that timing of applications was the trickiest part of doing their own lawn care and often is the cause of their failure.  Most professionals use sophisticated software and technology that keeps your applications on track for best performance.
Product Selection:   Which fertilizer or weed control product to use plays a big part in your lawns health and success. Professionals are constantly doing research to find the best and safest alternative to get you the greenest, healthiest lawn they can and apply it at the proper rates.
Insects and Diseases:  A trained professional can alert you to the presence of any insect or disease issues currently or potentially in your lawn and the safest, most effective way to treat them.
Proper watering and mowing:  Your lawn care professional can advise you on the proper amounts of water your species of grass needs per week and teach you the importance of proper mowing height and why you should  keep your mower blade sharp throughout the season.
Licensing:  Be sure to ask the person you call to service your lawn if they are licensed by the state agricultural board. Most states require this of any contractor or individual applying fertilizers or pesticides for hire. There is strict training and testing involved in getting their license along with certain insurance requirements before they can become licensed.
Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of their license and insurance documentation.
A beautiful lawn is a joy to behold. Please let us take care of yours.

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