What’s this tall yellow grass in my lawn?


Mature Nutsedge with seed head

If you have a thick bladed yellow grass in your lawn that seems to outgrow every other grass and most weeds, chances are you have Yelow Nutsedge.

Here are some fascinating facts about this incredibly hardy grassy weed.

1) Yellow Nutsedge was introduced into the US in 1854 as a vegetable crop.

2) It is the 16th worst weed in the world.

3) It is used medically and as an alternative protein source.

4) It is actually a tuber and 1 Tuber produces 1900 shoots and 6900 more tubers making it very hard to control.

5) It lives in the top 6″ of soil.

6) It can spread as far as 3′ from the parent plant via rhizomes.

7) It germinates at a soil temperature of 60 degrees.

 Identification:  Yellow Nutsedge is greenish yellow in color. It has shiny triangular shaped blades and develops seedheads in fall.

 Control Methods: Cultural controls are as simple as removing the bulblike nutlet.

 Chemical Controls: There are several good chemicals that will have post emergent qualities to control this invasive nuisance.

We highly recommend consulting a professional lawn care company to help control this invasive grass.

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